“Very good way to relieve the stress in your body and your mind. The owners are very nice and overall I had an awesome experience. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but now all I can say is WOW!”


“This completely redefined the word ‘relaxing’. Simply a must for anyone looking to de-stress.”


“Very relaxing. I suffer from [arthritis] and my joints and muscles were completely relaxed. Your mind will travel to a complete state of zen. If your thinking of doing it i definitely say go for it!”


“Describing the experience I had on my very first float is something I’ve had a great deal of difficulty articulating in the days since. What I can tell you is that if you are considering doing this, DO IT. The benefits are legitimate, you’ll feel great physically and emotionally after, and you just might learn something about yourself you’d never thought to realize previously.”


“Most relaxing thing I’ve ever experienced. Floating should be on everyone’s to do list!”