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Float Prices

Standard Price:
$65 for 90 minutes

  • We recommend staying in for at least 60 minutes; you may stay in up to 90 minutes. There will also be time to shower, and everything is provided for you!
  • Any credits, memberships, or packages Do Not Expire. If you paid for it, it’s yours until you’re ready for it!
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Book a Float Now!

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Package Deals

*Note – Packages can be shared on same visit

3 Floats for $170 (A $25 Discount!)
5 Floats for $260 (A $65 Discount!)

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Gift Certificates

We also have gift certificates available if you’d like to share the gift of Floating!

And you can now buy Gift Certificates, Packages, and Memberships online! Click below to head straight to our Online Store.

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Memberships must be active for two months minimum, then can be cancelled at any time. No sign up charge!

*Note – Membership Credits Can be Shared in same househould or on same visit

1 Float Per Month – $59/Month
2 Floats Per Month – $110/Month
“The Weekly” Float…
4 Floats Per Month – $200/Month

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Float Deals in our Store!