Stress relief may be the most common reason for Floating. Let’s explore the link between Float Tanks and stress relief.

Many of us live a hectic life, running from errand to errand in between jobs and family time and never stopping to take a moment to ourselves. Our bodies notice this. Without downtime to process and recover from the day’s events, our system begins to accumulate stress and operate at less than optimal levels. Over time this effect can accumulate and become worse, and the brain will eventually begin to send out the same “fight or flight” signals that warned our ancestors of danger. While in the short term this process can produce adrenaline and be useful for survival (or just productivity), it’s devastating to our state of mind, immune system, and many aspects of health when prolonged over weeks, months, and even years.

The brain’s response to stress, and our current level of relaxation at any given time affects the balance of cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormones in the body. Long term exposure to stress hormones can weaken the immune system, libido, and metabolism and increase blood pressure, sugar, acne, and weight issues. Relaxing the body and mind is critical in reducing and repairing this damage. We tend to activate more healing responses when relaxed through what is termed the “rest and digest” (or parasympathetic nervous) system.

Floating can be a powerful way to activate the healing that comes with complete relaxation in a fast and efficient manner. As our clients have said, Float Tanks can be “the most relaxing thing you’ll ever experience!”

Various studies conducted on the effects of Float Tanks and stress relief yield incredibly positive results, including reduced blood pressure and subjective relaxation. Anyone who’s experienced time in a Float Tank can easily understand where these results come from, and as science continues to explore this area we’ll likely see more and more uses for this tool. Doctors have even begun prescribing Float Therapy sessions to those with stress-related conditions like Fibromyalgia and inflammation disorders; and for injury recovery and pain management as well. Maybe one day Floating will be the go-to option for healing, stress relief, and relaxation. A Float Tank in every home!

In the meantime, Better Being Float Center will continue offering the most relaxing experience that we can, and increasing knowledge of and access to the incredible stress relieving tool that is Floating!

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Float Tanks And Stress Relief
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