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How big are the tanks?

The Float Tanks are about 9′ long by 6′ wide. There is enough space inside for the Floater to stretch fully and be comfortable. Remaining still allows the water to settle and the experience to take full effect.

How long should I float for?

The recommended float is 90 minutes as it can take some time to learn how to fully relax and let go; and this seems to be the ideal length for full benefits. We provide 90 minute sessions, and longer can be made available upon request. Each Floater will find his/her own preferred duration.

Is it hard to do, or is there some technique involved?

woman floating icon.pngNope! The Epsom salts allow for natural buoyancy, so all you have to do is slide in on your back and relax. It may take a few minutes to adjust to the new sensation and allow your body to fully “let go”, and you’ll find that the experience deepens with each session as you learn how to slip deeper and deeper into utter relaxation.

Is sanitation an issue?

Not at all. The saltwater environment makes it near impossible for any germs or microbes to live in, and the tanks and water are cleaned and sanitized in between uses with Hydrogen Peroxide, UV, Ozone, and state of the art filters. Each of our patrons is asked to use the restroom and shower thoroughly before entering our tanks, to remove any lotions, deodorants, perfumes, etc. Patrons will also shower after the float, to rinse excess salt from the skin. We have received full approval from the Indiana State Health Department regarding these procedures.

closeup woman floating icon.pngIs it safe to fall asleep in the tank?

Absolutely! The salinity of the water keeps you buoyant no matter what, so some find that they fall asleep in the tank. Even better though, many find that they slip into theta brain waves – the state just in between dreaming and awake – and actually remain there for extended amounts of time. This is a very insightful and pleasant experience, and is something normally seen only in children or those with years of experience in meditation.

Can I get the “Sensory Deprivation” experience; Do I have to close the lid or turn off the lights?

This part is up to you. Our center is set up to block out light and sound if you prefer, and many people find that time without either increases the experience. In fact, the tanks used to be referred to as sensory deprivation tanks. Combined with the water temperature and lack of pressure, the feeling of letting go of normal day to day sensations is very unique and something many of our clients find themselves coming back for. That being said, if you prefer you may use the lights (with a few different color options), iPod or phone dock, or keep the Pod lid open. You can also check floatpoolout one of the 2 Open Float Rooms featured at the Carmel location if you’re particularly claustrophobic.


Any advice for the day of my Float?

Avoid shaving around 2 hours before your Float, as the saltwater may cause some irritation. Caffeine could interfere with your ability to relax. A heavy meal just before Floating is not advised, but you also don’t want to hear your stomach growling so eating approximately 1-2 hours before is best. Towels, earplugs, and all amenities are provided for you, all you need to bring is yourself…and leave your worries at the front door.