What is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy is a relaxing session in a Float Pod, or Float Tank; a fiberglass pod or pool with around 11″ of water, warmed to body temperature, and 900 lbs of dissolved Epsom Salts. This creates a density that allows your body to float effortlessly, taking all pressure off of tired joints, bones, and muscles. This allows a level of unparalleled relaxation and incredible healing while your body utilizes extra available resources.

We’ve introduced thousands to Floating, and always do our best to ensure the most relaxing experience possible. Our testimonials and reviews will leave you confident you’re in good hands, and we look forward to hosting you for your first Float session!

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Better Being is proud to be the largest and longest running home of Float Tanks in Indiana.

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We have two locations, in Indianapolis and Carmel, and are now offering Massage Therapy alongside Floating! (At Carmel location only)

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What does it do?

The total buoyancy provides relief from muscle tension and pain, compressed disks, pinched nerves, and all sorts of gravity related ailments. Without input or distraction, the “fight or flight” response is also deactivated while activating the “coast is clear” mode. This results in a variety of  healing responses and leaves you more relaxed than you’ve likely ever been.

After a while one starts to lose sense of where they begin and the water ends. This lack of sensory input can give way to a wide variety of incredible personal experiences. Your brain enjoys this downtime as well, and the list of mental benefits is just as vast as the physical! Click below to learn more about the benefits of Floating.

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Relax Float Therapy


People realize endless benefits when they add floating to their lifestyle. With nothing to distract you, your levels of concentration and knowledge-absorption are astonishing.

Recover Float Tank


People float to relieve stress, recover from injuries, eliminate chronic pain, and much more. Floaters often report the most complete relaxation they have ever felt.

Renew Floating


When you float, everything you experience comes from within you. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your life. Reports of creative and personal insights abound.

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